Sunday Bible Study : “My Vocation in Christ”

Sunday Bible Study is every Sunday after worship at 10:15 am

During the next several weeks we will explore:

Lesson One: My Vocation Is the Role in Life to Which God Has Called Me
-What exactly is “vocation?”
-Who gives me my vocations?

Lesson Two: Through My Vocation, I Love and Serve My Neighbor
-Who does my vocation affect?
-How does God use my vocation to show his love?

Lesson Three: God Sends Me a Cross Within My Vocation
-Is my vocation supposed to be this hard?
-How is God helping me?

Lesson Four: God Calls Different Christians to Different Vocations
-Is there a better vocation for me to be doing
-How many different vocations are there?

Lesson Five: Through My Vocation God is Glorified
-Does what I do every day really matter to God?
-Is God really using my life for a higher purpose?

Sunday School

Sunday School is every Sunday after worship at 10:15 am