Letters Remembering Ascension School

Letters to Ascension


Erin Plocher

My years at Ascension were some of the best years of my life. I grew up there, 8 years of school, and made many lasting friendships and memories. I loved all my teachers that I had and I loved learning about God's Word every single day. Some of my favorite memories were playing volleyball, basketball, and softball. I also loved going to the track meet. One of my favorite memories from Miss Rachel Petermann's class was the huge United States poster that was on the wall. I also loved having movie afternoons where we got to bring a pillow and blanket and have a relaxing afternoon. In Mr. Andy Plocher's class, I loved the science units we did. We went whale watching and one time he made a comet out of dry ice. I loved being in a Christian environment as I grew up. I'm sad to hear that the school is closing and I pray that God continues to bless Ascension.

Taylor James

When asked what Ascension means to me a few things come to mind: a quality education, a christian environment and a close connected faculty and student body. Every day was an adventure  into God’s word incorporated throughout the entire school curriculum. The small classroom environment allowed the students to have a special connection with the teachers which most schools don’t offer. As moved on from the school, I found myself wanting to come back and volunteer whenever the opportunity presented itself. I choose to fulfill my early field experience training on the Ascension Lutheran Campus. I have been blessed tremendously with the christian education that Ascension gave me for four years. This school will greatly be missed.

Chris Sullivan

I am now 46 years old, but it was 32 years ago that I graduated from the 8th grade here at Ascension Lutheran School.   Even though a lot of time has passed since then,  I still think of the school now and then.  I sometimes think of the friendships I had during school.  As a multi grade school there were kids from kindergarten through 8th grade integrated together for lunches , breaks,  bible study, Christmas pageants etc.  So you got to know the other kids even if there were a few years between you and them in age.  I remember how we all got along pretty well.   I remember the afterschool activities.    There were the school teams for flag football, basket ball, and track.  We would play against the other schools in southern California in these events.  Sometimes the school would come to our site and other times we would drive to their school for the games.

I have great memories of the trips to the other schools.   It was fun for us to road trip together with 3 to 4 of your school mates in a volunteer parent’s car.   Sometimes we even hit the Circle –Kto load up on candy bars and big gulps before the game.   I still wonder why we never won!  

I remember some great field trips during my 4th through 8th grade years.  Our principle Keith Bowe (along with parent volunteers) took us to the Wild Animal Park, the San Diego Zoo, and Ruben H Fleet Space Center.  I enjoyed these field trips with my friends from school and learned a lot. 

One thing that is important to remember about Ascension Lutheran School is that you not only learned your three R’s.  Reading, Riting, and Rythmatic.  You also learned the most important subject;  Gods Love for you.  I knew as a 4th grader that Jesus died on the cross for my sins.  It wasn’t a matter of should I believe this or not.  I just accepted it as fact.  I honestly felt that my faith was very strong during the grade school years.  Pastor John helped reinforce the Law and the Gospel during Catechism as well as the Sunday sermons.

I believe today that my exposure to a Christ based education as a child has helped me retain my core values and to understand the importance of faith.  For this I thank Ascension Lutheran School and its called workers. 

Ascension Lutheran for me was a blast.  Good friends , good teachers, and good times.  Thank you Ascension Lutheran School. 

Andrew Aguilar

Dear Friends of Ascension Lutheran Church and School,

Paul had his on a road to Damascus. Martin Luther’s was a close strike of lightening on a horseback ride home. A single life event that set these men on a path closer to the truth of God’s grace in Jesus. Mine was walking into the upper-grades classroom here at Ascension Lutheran School. It was here that I heard the truth of Jesus’ redemptive work completed on the cross and sealed with an empty tomb… all given FREELY to me.

I came here as a troubled 7th grade pre-teen who caused trouble to anyone around me. My single-mom, aunt, grandmother and I were welcomed by the Ascension family like never before. Before I knew it, I had a school that taught me more than math and reading. I learned how to look up a Bible passage from a classmate; I heard Bible stories for the first time by Mr. Campbell; and I was instructed in the doctrines of the Christian faith by Pastor John.

I owe so much to the Christian people in this ministry. You taught me the truth of Christ’s love. You encouraged and supported me in attending California Lutheran High School. And you set me on a path growing closer to our Savior.

Thank you, Ascension Lutheran School family.

In Christ,
Andrew Aguilar
Ascension Class of 1988
Go Wildcats!

Madillene Mora

When I was four years old, my mother bought a house on Gale Street. (You know, that little yellow house with the ladder that leaned upon Ascension's wall for almost 15 years.) As a four year old, I only knew a couple things- 1. Don't talk to strangers, 2. Don't cross the street without looking; 3. I have a Heavenly Father who takes care of me. When I crossed the street and talked to the strangers (who ended up being the Plocher Family) I never knew that my Heavenly Father was introducing me to a lifetime of his care. They (the Plocher family) talked to my parents and we became members of Ascension and students at Ascension Lutheran School. What Ascension did for me, through the love of our Heavenly Father, was give me extensive knowledge about our Lord and Savior. It gave me the love of the Lord and inspired me to help others and the world he gave us. In grade school we were always taught that not all people can be ministers and teachers as a profession, yet whatever we do, we do to the glory of God, so that others may see his love through us. So, with the skill set the Lord has given me, I study law to his glory. Through my faith, I hope to bring justice to his world.

Eddie Mora

Daniel Plocher

Ascension is home. Ascension is a place that I will forever hold my heart as my childhood home. No, not just the parsonage that I lived in for 14 years, but everything about Ascension Lutheran Church and School. The memories, friends, education, congregation, and most importantly, the focus on Jesus is what made Ascension Lutheran whatit was and what it still is today. Ascension is where I grew up, my first memories were made there, and words cannot even express what everything there meant to me, but I will try my best here.

 There are so many memories that come to me when I think of Ascension. I remember being in a tiny little kid who wouldn’t stop moving. I was constantly hanging out in the field, on the playground, or shooting hoops with Eddie and Maddy Mora, or John Herd and Hayden Frye.  I remember being in third grade and looking up to the kids playing basketball against guess St. Stephen’s or Beautiful Savior.  At that time, I always dreamed of the day I would get to play with them, and of course with my father as coach.

 Some of my fondest memories came with Rachel Kramer as my kindergarten teacher.  I recall the days when she would decorate the classrooms and I actually felt like I was in the jungle or under the sea.  I remember when firefighters would come to school, or when we got to go to the zoo and all the other field trips from kindergarten.

 The best moments of grade school came from fifth through eighth grade. I had a very unusual privilege that most other kids don’t get. I have both parents and teachers. I feel that this made my relationship with both of them exponentially strong.  To have my dad at my coach, principal, teacher, and father was at times difficult, but it kept me on and making sure to avoid trouble at school.

 I also remember the long trip to Apache land with some of my closest friends.  I love every minute of that long car ride with Khya Grove, Taylor James, Maddy Mora, John Herd, and Hayden Frye.  The trip to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm at the end of those school years were such a blast as well.

 The single best moment of my schooling and ascension was one of my last days: the day I was confirmed. My confirmation was one of the greatest moments of my life. I finally was able to confess my faith in front of the church and the people that I love, the family that I had grown up with.

 I think God that I got to grow up at Ascension Lutheran.  It really did shape me into who I am today, and I will always cherish everything that I’ve learned and experienced there.  May God bless your continued ministry there.

In Christ,

Daniel Plocher