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Frequently Asked Questions

How much religion is taught each day?
Each day the students participate in a Bible lesson as well as devotions.

Do you require school uniforms?
No, our school does not have a school uniform. However, we do have a dress policy that discourages clothing that might present a bad message.

How qualified are your teachers?
Our teachers all hold at least a four year degree in education, in addition to continuing education.

How does a multi-grade classroom hinder a child’s education?
Our church body, which is the fourth largest private school system in America, operating more than 350 schools nationwide, has many years of practice working with multi-grade classrooms. Yearly our school performs above the national averagein all subject areas.

Does your school have athletics?
All of our grades have Physical Education classes. In addition, grades 5–8 are able to participate in interscholastic basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer and track.

Does your school have hot lunch?
We have a hot lunch program one day of the week. The other days you will need a bag lunch.

Is after-school care available?
Please speak to the Principal if this service is needed.