Sunday Bible Study : God’s Faithfulness

Sunday Bible Study is every Sunday after worship at 10:15 am

God created a perfect place where his people could live with him in joy.  Sadly, Adam and Eve sinned, and through them we lost the privilege of living with the Lord. But God did not give up on us. He devised a way for us to live with him again and then faithfully carried out that plan. This study discusses God's faithfulness throughout time.

It covers the following nine lessons:

  • God's Faithfulness in His Power and Promise

  • God's Faithfulness to Noah and Abraham

  • God's Faithfulness Leads the Psalmists to Praise Him

  • God's Faithfulness in the Face of Israel's Unfaithfulness

  • God's Faithfulness at the Manger

  • God's Faithfulness at the Cross and the Empty Tomb

  • God's Faithfulness in Our Lives

  • God's Faithfulness in the History of the Church

  • God's Faithfulness in Judgment and Glory

Thursday Evening Bible Study: Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters meets every other Thursday from 7:00 P.M. to 8:00 P. M.

Come and join a fabulous group of ladies who gather around God’s Word to learn, pray, and support each other. You are welcome to join at any time!