Sunday Bible Study : Christians in Conflict

Sunday Bible Study is every Sunday after worship at 10:15 am

Have you ever been in conflict with anyone? We all have. Conflict can be hard to deal with and hard to resolve. Our Bible Study is called "Christians in Conflict." This study will give you more tools to put into your peace-making toolbox. Come and learn what God has to say about conflict and the healing power of his Word in our hearts and lives.  

  • Lesson One - What Causes Conflict?

  • Lesson Two - How We Deal With Conflict

  • Lesson Three - The Most Excellent Way

  • Lesson Four - Blessed Are the Peacemakers

  • Lesson Five - Peacemaking and Faith

  • Lesson Six - Equipped for Peacemaking

  • Lesson Seven - Hard Teachings

  • Lesson Eight - A City of Peace

Wednesday Evening Bible Study: Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters meets every other Wednesday from 7:00 P.M. to 8:00 P. M.

Come and join a fabulous group of ladies who gather around God’s Word to learn, pray, and support each other. You are welcome to join at any time!