Sunday Bible Study : Timely Topics, Timeless Truths

Sunday Bible Study is every Sunday after worship at 10:15 am

Does it seem like you’re swimming upstream against the rushing river of society’s thinking? You believe one thing, but so many around you believe something foreign to your faith. How are you going to speak intelligently—and yet faithfully and lovingly hold to God’s Word—on matters that everyone is talking about today? Come to our new study on Timely Topics, Timeless Truths to become prepared to speak the truth in a spirit of Christian love.

Lessons include:

Intelligent Design, Climate Change, Gender Identity, Santa Claus, Secret Baptism, Closed Communion, A Christian and Politics, and Bankruptcy

Thursday Evening Bible Study: Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters meets every other Thursday from 7:00 P.M. to 8:00 P. M.

Come and join a fabulous group of ladies who gather around God’s Word to learn, pray, and support each other. You are welcome to join at any time!